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We know that the secret to living is giving. It’s our ethos. It's that simple.

FēLē is in unique partnership with three very important organizations. All supporting our beautiful island.


Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association


Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association was founded in 1938 and represents an entity that has undertaken the exclusive management of natural Chios Mastic in Greece and abroad. It is the collective representative consortium of the 24 Mastic Villages (Mastihohoria) of southern Chios.


FēLē donates a portion of every sale back to the association as they are the entity directly responsible for all-things Mastic. Since they allow us to exist, it's imperative to donate back as a sign of our appreciation!

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Greek America Foundation

We support the charitable efforts of the New York-based Greek America Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to promote, preserve and perpetuate Greek culture, history and ideals in North America.


Funds benefit the foundation’s annual Greek America Corps volunteer program on Chios which sends young North Americans to help disenfranchised and at-risk children on the island.


In 2021, the foundation sent a team of 10 volunteers to work with two reputable Greek charities, METAdrasi and Ark of the World (Kivotos Tou Kosmou). METAdrasi operates a shelter for refugee children in Chios town while Ark of the World operates a village for disenfranchised and orphaned children in Aipos.


The foundation’s volunteers spent their days doing a variety of activities including maintenance projects, sports, arts and crafts and English lessons, among countless others.


They also participated in cultural excursions to learn more about Greek history and local traditions and customs of Chios. Such excursions included visits to historic and religious sites and traditional villages, authentic “family-style” taverna meals and, of course, the mastiha experience with a visit to the museum and iconic “mastihohoria” of southern Chios.

To read more about the Greek America Foundation’s 2021 program on Chios, click here.

Adopt Chios Trees


Driven by their own love for the island and its precious trees, Adopt Chios Trees created their own environmental project. Creating roots connecting people to the unique Chios Mastic Trees while strengthening the cultivation of Mastic.

FēLē chooses customers at random to reward with a Mastic Tree adopted in their name on the island! As a result, those randomly selected will receive a Certificate of Adoption, as well as a photograph of their tree with their characteristic board designed specifically for them hanging from it. This board will remain hanging from the tree for an entire year! We hope to encourage those chosen, to visit the tree in person on the island to live the powerful experience of Mastic cultivation.

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